Рефераты по иностранным языкам

В разделе рефераты по иностранным языкам представлены работы как на английском так и на других языках мира.

  1. Accounting and Finance in AS Diena
  2. Air contamination caused by human activity
  3. Alaska
  4. Australia
  5. Banking services in Russia – theory and fact
  6. Beruhmte russische Politiker
  7. Big cities and places of interest in Russia
  8. British Parlament
  9. British Royal ceremonies
  10. Capitals of English Speaking Countires
  11. Claude Monet
  12. Computers and Health
  13. Creating Market Economy in Eastern Europe
  14. Datining the right person
  15. Dawn of the digital information era
  16. Die Parteien im Deutschen Bundestag
  17. Die deutschen Erfinder
  18. Edmond Rostand sa vie et son oeuvre
  19. Educational System in Great Britain, USA and Ukraine
  20. Egipt
  21. English Literature
  22. English Painting and Art Galleries
  23. Europe
  24. Festivals and Traditions in the UK
  25. Fruhling
  26. Gesundheitswesen in Deutschland
  27. Global warming
  28. Grammatical difference between British and American English
  29. Hepatitis A Prevention
  30. Hieronymus Bosch
  31. Historical Background of the Middle English Period
  32. History of Great Britain
  33. History of basketball
  34. History of english Royal Family (The Middle Tudor Monarchs)
  35. Holiday in Russia
  36. IBM
  37. Industry and Mineral Wealth of Russia
  38. Intercultural business communication
  39. Interetische Stabilitat Grundlage der Staatspolitik
  40. Kommunikationsmittel in Deutschland
  41. Law Enforcement and the Youthful Offender
  42. Les energies renouvelables
  43. Les lettres
  44. Lexicology of the English Language
  45. Manet Edouard\'s Flautist
  46. Mass Media in Russia
  47. Meine Familie
  48. Meine Freunde
  49. Meine Zukunftsplane
  50. Mein studium an der hochschule