Industry and Mineral Wealth of Russia

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Russia is rich in natural resources and treasures of the soil. The European part of the land is densely populated. In the east, however, behind the Urals mountains, there are less towns and gigantic empties. There thick hundred-years-old forests grow where wild animals of rare kinds are at home, a lot of rivers is rich in fish. There gold, oil, gas and coal are mined there.

The eastern part of Russia delivers many raw materials which are refined later in industrial centers.

Some of many Russian industrial areas can be named. Vladivostok is a great port which connects Russia with Asian countries, the shipbuilding is developed there. Round the city of Norilsk nickel is mined. In the area of Krasnoyarsk aluminum is mined and refined. So-called Camberly-tubes, where diamonds are mined, were discovered in the autonomous region of Yakutia in the 50s of the 20th century. Kusbass (or the Kusnetsky basin) belongs to the most important areas where coal is mined. In the north of the western Siberia there are rich oil fields - in Tyumen, Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk. Novosibirsk is also an industrial city. The chemical industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, as well as mechanical engineering are developed here.

In the European part of Russia other industrial zones are located, for example the Tatar republic known for chemistry and oil refinery, or the city of Tolyatti at the Volga-river, with highly developed mechanical engineering. In Ivanovo textiles are produced, and this is a branch of the light industry.

And the western part of Russia can be considered as an area of the touring industry, because many tourists come there to examine old Russian towns, and to understand better the modern Russia.