Скачать реферат: Spring

Our country is very big and lies in the northern hemisphere. The climate and the seasons differ a little bit from each other in Russian regions. But everywhere it is hotter in summer and colder in winter. In spring new grass grows and nice flowers blossom. In autumn leaves fall off, the harvest is collected and everybody and everything prepares to winter. This is typical for all countries of the northern hemisphere.

The spring months are March, April and May. The spring is a season, when everything awakes to the life again. After the winter it becomes warmer and warmer. In March the average temperature is about 5 degrees above zero. In April it already increases to 10-15 degrees, and in May about 20. But in the spring one cannot be sure what happens tomorrow, one can forecast nothing in this season. The warm sun sometimes shines, and the sky is blue. Sometimes, however, it is raining, and it is cold and unpleasant. Or if it can rain in the morning and in the evening it is already sunny. Or it can be very cold, almost till May. And then it becomes suddenly so hot that one can already go to a beach.

The spring is the beginning of the new life. Nice flowers blossom, new grass grows. Animals and birds bring their young to the life. It is so interesting to observe a sparrow's family in May how the parents educate their babies!

Every day in the spring is nice and not similar to the previous one. I like the end of April most of all. It is already quite warm. The days have also become long. The fresh grass is soft and of light green colour. New leaves in trees are delicate. And there is the smell of flowers, of freshness, of a new life. And some days later one already sees blossoming apple trees in gardens and parks.

The spring is my favourite season.